How to use regex expressions on alias by section to display a short name instead override

I want to short a name displayed on my dashboard, I used overrided option but its very tired to use overrides for each value in my panel.

I want to know if I can use a regular expresion to short the name and be displayed for all my values.
I want to short the name displayed, I used the $tag_url option and that works but still having so much text, I used ovverides and it works but Its complicated to do so for each value

This is using overrides name displayed is shorter and visible


I know that there was regex rename planned for the transform tab, as a workaround you can work on your JSON file and inject override using bash regex.

Hope it helps.

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Oh thats a good point! I will try to use it!

I also find this docoument, section Fields with name matching regex

Thank you so much !!

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