How to use panel results in new panels for calculations?


I am new to Grafana and am in need of assistance. I have 2 panels created from 2 different data sources. I am using MySQL. For “Suppliers Cumulative” I am using the following Query:

For calculating “Active Suppliers” I am using this Query:

For some reason (maybe it is just a Grafana thing), but I cannot input “count(distinct name)” into my queries. Therefore, I have to go to “value options” and choose Distinct Count and Name

I want to create 3rd panel that would calculate the churn rate in % by using the results from 2 panels below

Is it even possible or there is another way to get my result? Even as a query that would merge the two panels and use in-query calculation method would be appreciated.


~ the grafana team

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I want to know this too.
My grafana version is 10.0.1
My database is InfluxDB v2.7.1