How to show uptime with datasource mssql

I am an absolute rookie to the monitoring topic.

I try to visualize some metrics from a website with a connected mssql DB.

I configured custom.ini first, but only uncommented “http_port” . Do I have to configure anything else in the custom.ini?
I’ve installed only grafana (nothing else), created a database connection to Microsoft SQL Server which is green and “OK”.
But I get no results out of grafana, if i want to create a new panel (for uptime, logins, etc.)
I tried to import some panels - but nothing worked right for me.

For me as a non native english speaker and newbie it is hard to get in touch with the query editor. In all the videos on youtube etc. it seems easy to setup the metrics with predefined fields. Add Query - finish. Result is: watching a very nice graph with hover functions. But this does’nt work with my datasource MSSQL or am I missing something?

Please give me some help on How I am able to visualize things like database uptime, counting logins? What is necessary to visualize web requests like login time on a website?

I’ll hope my english is as good enough to get some support.
Regards from Germany

Please read the mssql datasource documentation:

You should understand how to write select statements to query data from mssql. Group by and order by would probably also be good to know of before trying to write timeseries query in Grafana for mssql.

Thank you for that answer… .

So I don’t have to configure anything else in the custom.ini? The second thing I would like to know, is there any plugin I have to install to get results?

I’m guessing you’re using Windows, please read Then continue with and getting started.

You should not need anything else installed.