How to start a Monitoring Dashboard with Microsoft SQL Server

Hello Community , today i tried my first step to create a Monitoring Dashboard.
I think i successfully created my DataSource .
I created a Panel and upload my DataSource in it .

Now the problem is , why cant he “read” my data source? I think i have to chance something but i dont know what?
Maybe someone has an idea?


What column type do the PatchID and ComputerID fields have?

u mean what datatype?

PATCHID = Uniqueidentifier
ComputerID = same as PatchID

uniqueidentifier is a GUID and not a string so think you need to convert it to a string.

cast(SpaltenName as nvarchar(38)) something like that?
CAST(nn.ComputerID AS NVARCHAR(36)) AS [ComputerID], client.computername
with this it worked somehow , but how can i get more plugins for visualisation?

There are some built-in visualizations but a lot of them will need the query result to be in time series format:

If the built-in visualizations (Graph, bar gauge, gauge, heatmap, stat etc.) are not enough then there are lots of community plugins too:

Here are some other resources for getting started:

So , grafana always tells me that it wants a column named " time "if i try use " Pie Chart " , could you somehow make an example how my DB should look like so that i can use Pie chart?

SELECT TOP (1000) [ComputerID]
FROM [OEMS].[dbo].[oems_client_nn_software]