How to share an authenticated session across multiple Grafana instances

Grafana 8.3.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 in EC2. Three nearly identical instances, one in each availability zone. There will be a load balancer in front of the instances, for other purposes.

I want to add Grafana to the load balancer, but how do I enable authenticated user sessions to move from one Grafana to another?

I could make the load balancer sticky, so Grafana user sessions don’t bounce around instances too much. Still, a session may get transferred once in a while, and I would like to avoid asking users to authenticate again.

The user account list is very short, a couple accounts created manually in each Grafana.

It is not clear what are you trying to achieve. Usually, it is done to have high availability. You will need to have only one central DB and all those three nearly identical instances will be pointed to the same DB (= they will have the same DB config). You really don’t need old school sticky sessions for that. (Of course they will need also the same server root url config, security key, … so they will return the same URLs for the users and they will be decode all secrets).

If you want 3 independent instances, then that’s not possible. It is better to use SSO protocl (OIDC/OAuth which is supported natively by Grafana) - instances won’t be sharing any sessions, but user will have seamless user login experiense thanks to SSO protocol.