How to set height of graph panel

It used to be possible to set the height of the graph panel as described in but I can’t find where these options have moved to in the new UI. It is probably obvious but I just can’t get my eye on it. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Simple drag and drop. Grab the lower right hand corner and drag away. It’s all pretty intuitive.

I too was confused by some parts of the newest update layout controls, but play around with it a bit and you should have no problems. Overall, I think I quite like the new system. I think…

Michael Moore

Ok, thanks. I had discovered that but hoped that was an extra way of doing it over the much more predicable way of entering the size. I have determined optimum sizes for panels to fit my display devices and the drag method is impractical as each time I create a new dashboard I would have to fiddle about trying to get all the panels to fit accurately. I have resorted to editing the json file, which works ok, but is a bit of a pain over entering the size directly.

Thanks for the tip about editing height numerically using the JSON view. That makes it much easier to be consistent about the heights of multiple panels on a single dashboard.

Not sure if it’s an oversight or intentional that you can’t set dimensions in the new UI?