How to set a column as metric of JSON shown as table type

Hi All,

In my JSON,
POST /search - I have a metric of type table
POST /query - returning the data in respective format for that particular metric method

On selection of the metric method in Grafana, I am able to display the data in table format.
In my Grafana panel, my datasource is of ‘Mixed Type’. One is JSON and two more of type database query shown as table. In both of my database query, I have selected my common column as metric. How can I select the common column from JSON as metric. Since, for the JSON whole table is metric.
I need to show all three data source’s data together in one panel.

I am getting a dropdown filter to select from each datasource and display that in the panel.
If I select only two database as datasource, I am getting one result table with common metric column and data from both datasource shown accordingly. but when I add the JSON, which also has same name column but it doesnot work as required.
Please help!