How to replay a drone flying session through time


I have a drone with some sensors and i’m trying to make a dashboard to visualize what happened during this fly. I wanted to make something similar to this :

We can see a schematic of the drone with some data. (Drone Attitude Telemetry)
This panel is doing real time updating

The BUT with this is that I don’t do it in real time. I’ll have a database with sensors measurements in it. And i’m looking to do a kind of “real time” replay of this data.
I’m not sure I can easily replay this file and the whole scenario like if it was in real time.

My sensor database all have a timestamp so I can choose the time frame to use those data, but what can I do in addition of time series panel which can be fancy like the real time panel from the link. For now I have no clue.

Do you have any idea about this ?
Thanks for your time


This sounds like a cool project. I think apache echart grafana plugin might be what you are looking for.

Here a simple cute example but no reason you could not plot a drone’s flight path.

Can you share some sample data of what you want plotted?