How to remove the connection line of dashboard graphs when recording is turned off in the database?

Good day to all! I am interested in how I can remove the line that connects the two graphs? Suppose I write the processor load data to the database and display them on the graph, after which I turn off the data recording in the database and resume after a while. The graphan automatically connects the two graphs with a line, but I need to clearly see the gap and the fact that data for this period were not written. Attached a screenshot. How to do it?

Try to change the fill or group by clause.

Can I share access with admin rights for you to correct?

Fill remove is only background color but line is not

Thx solution:GROUP BY time($interval) fill(null)

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I am trying to accomplish a similar effect however I do not understand what the eventual solution was.
Could you enlighten a bit more?

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