Graphing data without "breaks" in timeline

Hi there…
I am currently graphing power from a meter. I use node-red to find the amount of power used per hour and send the data to influxdb.
Is there a way to display the graph so that the periods where there is no data is not shown (basically to remove the blank space and tighten up the display).
The line with fill method works well for data that is polled each 20 seconds but imported power at this level is not valuable hence the hourly totals being used (this may be changed to 6 hourly as even hourly is overly detailed).



The lines should work properly, I think the problem you have is that you are grouping by some time interval, and that makes the other points fill in as null.


Thanks for that… completely glossed over the grouping. Changed to match the data and it steps up as expected.


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so how to make “null” for no data point?my graph will show connect two long time interval point,even they should not connect.