Show null when there is no data from InfluxDB


Hi Team,

I am using Grafana with influxDB and it is very much satisfied. I have one issue here. When there is no data from influxDB, graph panel shows nothing which is perfectly fine. But when data started to come again from data source, the point where data stopped and new data points get connected. So it is very difficult to find where actually drop occured. As in the above picture, data stopped approx. on 13.57 and started again at 13.59.

Hope I am clear. How to do that the none points shows nothing in the graph panel? Thanks.

Try experimenting with Fill options in the query. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to find a detailed description (or detailed enough for me anyway) of what the various settings do in terms of their visual effect. But I think one of them may well do what you want.

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Thanks @clanlaw, I will try to use it.