How to push custom metrics from high throughput java application


I am trying to understand how we would use this or what you would recommend for our use:

We currently use the Dropwizard Metrics library and a custom reporter to librato hosted metrics. We are looking at switching solutions. Our servers do about 4000 req/s and each request generates 30-50 unique metrics, the metrics library stores aggregates and then pushes every minute for us which works pretty well. Do you guys plan to have a plugin for that library or the micrometer library?

How would you recommend to push metrics to your service (it doesn’t have to be the way we are doing it now) knowing the above.



Grafana does not store any time-series/metrics data itself. It integrates against a large number of data sources (mainly time-series databases) and are great at visualizing the data.

Please refer to the data source documentation of data sources included in Grafana per default. There are also data source plugins.

Please read up on the different data sources and you should be able to find different collectors. I know that there exist a jmx exporter for Prometheus just to name one.

I can also see in the dropwizard documentation that they support a Graphite reporter.

Good luck!