How to Publish Grafana dashboards to IIS

Hi All,

Is there any possible way that I can publish my grafana dashboard to IIS. I have gone through all the “share” functions which requires a login apart from “snapshot”, but “snapshot” retains the timestamp as well as the data so does not automatically update.
I have gone through few posts regarding this topic there most of the answers are like, to make one dashboard public we have to make data source public. But in my case I want to publish it to a virtual machine which is availabe in my office network only, I dont need to worry about my query will be proxied.

I found a way using a reverse proxy: How to make one live dashboard public, but here they are using nginx I dont want to use this.

So, Is it possible to publish grafana dashboard in IIS If so please provide me some help documents.

Thanks in advance.

Have you seen this guide?

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Thanks daniellee for providing the proper guide…It worked thanks a lot

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