How to provision a library panel

Hi, I have been able to provision dashboards, and now I would like to provision a panel library, can anybody point me to the documentation? I’m not able to find the way to provision the panel libraries.

In the provision folder there should be a sample one to get you starteeld with but
Check this out

Hi @yosiasz , I’m sorry but I’m not sure about your message, when you say there should be a sample, in the provision folder, are you refering to some repo?
by the way, in the link that you shared it, there are only three possible folders where I can put the library panel, and it seems that the folder should be /dashboards, can you confirm this?

Sorry I meant to say in the folder of your grafana install. In my case it is here

So I should put my library panel in the /provisioning/dashboards folder?

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Hi @micuentadecasa,

Were you able to resolve provisioning library panels?

I’m at a similar point as you were in August where I’ve provisioned my data sources and dashboards through helm but am still trying to discover methodology for library panels.