How to migrate all panels at a time?

I have grafana v5.4.2 deployed on production as a main monitoring frontend.
And now I am deploying a grafana-6 in docker to test new features.

Is there a way I can make one-step migration of all panels, plugins and settings from my 5.4.2 to 6 beta?
In short, I want to make the same grafana instance, but v6

I’ve been pondering about this as well, and i’ve encountered there is a way to do it individually for each panel (which is adding it to the panel list) but I can see that being very tedious.

However, there was a suggestion of copying the using the JSON of the dashboard that you would like to duplicate(as a foundation) but the trouble I’ve encountered with that is it overwrites the previous dashboard due to the dashboard id?
Discussion mentioned

Not sure how helpful any of this would be to you but I’d like to know if you’d managed around this

You should be able to use wizzy ( to do export/import all of those settings.

I’ll try it with v6beta to verify, but it should work since it uses the API.