How to make multiple dashboards show the state when my mouse is put in one dashboard

i want to know how to make multiple dashboards show state when my mouse is put in one dashboard.just like this:

Hi @thermallife ,

Thanks for opening this post.

If I understand correctly, you want to have “Tool Tip” enabled so that you can view the values when hovering over the visualization.

You can enable it by simply going on the right side of the visualization you selected and then select “Tool Tip” to either “Single or All”.

See attached screenshot for reference.

I hope this is the answer you were looking for.

i thing it’s now work,i mean when i select a time point in one panel,the all panel in this dashboard’s will Linkage to show this this time point value。

how to let the following panel also show the information when my mouse on the first panel at 07:50

Thanks for the reply with more details. Now I am able to understand your goal.

This is possible by selecting the shared tool-tip for the dashboard.

Please see the attached screencast where I made a test on how to do it.


Hope this helps.