How to input multi value for pre filter variables

Is there any way to input multi value at one time,so i can pre filter a variable?
For example,

And I want to filter exactly part of them, like this

How to do that ? Thanks

Can you please show us jow you configured this variable

Thank you, the configuration of the variable is pasted below

Couldn’t you click on checkbox of ones you want to filter with?

yes i can,but when the value has multi choices(etc. more than 100+),i want to input a list of value to filter them and check them all. By doing this can save me more time.

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so you want to input them by hand by typing them?

I hope to type multi value at one time, so filter them can be easier. I have tried to input multi value with ‘+’ or ‘,’ concatenated, but none of them take effects.

gotcha. seems like that is a missing feature because if you select multi values using the click method grafan strings them together like following

but when you type that same thing manually it does not work. I would submit a bug for this

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Thank you so much for submitting that.

:slight_smile: well you will be submitting it in github

I just submit an issue: Typing multi value with '+' concatenated can't filter values when using a variable · Issue #59323 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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