Multi-value filter


I’ve a template with two filters. I need know how can I see graph of two components on the same chart.

First filter :
name : $deployments (Query)
Query : label_values(all_metrics, deployment)

Second filter:
name : $vms (Query)
Query : label_values(all_metrics{deployment =“abc”},vm_name)

One of my dashboard’s query looks like this:

Selecting a single value from second filter works just fine. But, when select multiple values from the second filter, it breaks, because I guess the second filter’s query is not taking multiple values into it.

after selecting multiple values in my second filter, my query should look like :
job_mem_percent{deployment="$deployments",vm_name=“value1”, vm_name=“value2”,vm_name=“valueN”}

Is it feasible to do something like that ? If so, how to achieve this.

Regards, Newbie.

Could fix it with the below :


“tilde” did the tricket.