How to implement Grafana HA and how to use --web.external-url on Grafana

Grafana version: 7.5.2

  1. We are going to implement Grafana HA in k8s. So if we deploy 2 replicas and with a NFS volume mount to both instances, is it a valid HA solution?
  2. We have deployed nginx in our enviroment, but if we add args “–web.external-url”, we got the following error:
    kubectl logs grafana-78b4458bf5-b8h4d -n monitoring
    flag provided but not defined: --web.external-url
    Usage of grafana-server:
    -config string
    path to config file
    -homepath string
    path to grafana install/home path, defaults to working directory
    -packaging string
    describes the way Grafana was installed (default “unknown”)
    -pidfile string
    path to pid file
    Turn on pprof profiling
    -profile-port uint
    Define custom port for profiling (default 6060)
    Turn on tracing
    -tracing-file string
    Define tracing output file (default “trace.out”)
    -v prints current version and exits

Hi @gnnx0425,

I would probably start with this documentation:

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