How to hide the left menu bar when share a dashboard?

As the topic says, I just want to share dashboard and users do not want to play&use the left menu bar in the shared dashboard, how can I hide it totally on such an condition?
Thanks a lot first!

Just like the effect when we share a kibana’s dashboard, you know, thx.

@mefraimsson Would you be so kind as to and please answer or introduce certain clue about the topic? thanks a lot!
Many of my friends also want to know solution of this question.

Help please, anyone’s help and any tips are all welcomed

Are there any people who’s pleased enough to give us some tips? thx

In some version you can add the &inactive to the url. However this has a timeout and will show the menu anyway after you move the mouse after the timeout.

if you only want to hide item .
I modified the sidemenu by modifying the index.html under public\views to get the effect, so that the user can only watch.

Add &kiosk option in url. This should trigger presentation mode. Or try &kiosk=tv, where you have a limited number of buttons.

I am not sure to understand this reply… it doesnt work.
Can you explain better please how to run on full space without bars.

Thank you

but user can use “esc” to resume it back. I want the side menu permanently hide.

Is there any way way to hide left menu permanently hide?