How to graph only Null Points?

I’ve only been using Grafana for about a month now, and my first post here on the Grafana community forum! (Love Discourse BTW…)

I’m using Grafana primarily to display outputs from various Prometheus Exporter jobs…

Whenever one of my Prometheus Exporters fail, I get a “break” in my line because “null value” is just set to null… This works extremely well for me when I’m looking at a small timeframe, say 5 or 15 minutes.


Any tips on how to make a graph that focuses only on the broken/dropped connections (IE the absent values) in bigger time ranges (daily / weekly / monthly)? Ideally whatever method I used would make it easy to locate the actual drops so that I can go straight to the logs knowing the timestamp to focus on, and making the longest continuous drops the most prominent…

I’m using the blackbox exporter, so the regular query I use is just something like:


To give you an example of the (missing :wink: ) data I’m trying to graph, here is an array of values from the Query Inspector for a timeframe that has the kind of missing data that I want to focus on:


Note between item 4 and 5 in the array, there are two datapoints that are missing, and show up as a nice broken line for me in the graph above:
4:Array[1559220 361 .926,3.0287731]
5:Array[1559220 391 .926,2.8951748139999998]

Grateful for any help and tips you can offer!