Graph useTimescaleDB

Hellow ereryone,

The production version is 6.5.3 . And demo version is 7.0.3 .
There is no data in the red line area in the picture. And “Null value” setting is “null”. I don’t want to connect when there is no data. Can Grafana do it?

Ideally if you select null value as ‘null’ then it should not show connected. If the setting is ‘null’ and its still showing the line, that means there is some data points. So if you hover it you will get to see some data points over there.

I can be sure that no data points exist. If use Prometheus ‘Null value’ can controll connection or not connection, but TimescaleDB can’t.

Please refer the post here, hopefully will resolve the issue.

You need to group by time(interval, NULL) where interval is the maximum interval you want to connect points without intermediate samples. If you know that your sampling rate is 10 minutes you could use group by time(15m, NULL).