How to get hostname without port of grafana?

Hi Community,

I have two Websites (Grafana:3000 and another page:4200). Both pages have the same hostname but in a different port. I want to create the panel link to access the page in port 4200. is there any way can I get the hostname of my Grafana URL without the port, therewith can I change port manually something like the following image.

Thank you!

please, is there any suggestion ?

I know this isn’t 100% what you are looking for, but maybe this could help:

hi, thank you at first for your reply. I have also found the link that you sent. Yes, this is some kind of hack, that we can create a button or link outside of the panel to direct another page. If we don’t have any solution, therewith can I click directly on the panel and direct to the wished page, then maybe should I use this approach.