Data Link variable for hostname?

Is there a hostname variable that can be used in Data Links? I’m running other services on the same server so I’d like to have data links point there, and I’d like the links to continue working if the DNS or IP address changes.

You don’t need that. Just use relative URL (e.g. /d/dashboarduid/dashboardname?parameters) instead of absolute URL (e. g. https://hostname/d/dashboarduid/dashboardname?parameters)

Thank you. However this doesn’t work because it includes the port number. My Grafana is running on the default port 3000 and my other service is running on a different port, so this isn’t working. When I move from dev to prod I might change Grafana to port 80 so then I guess this would work.

Could you prove that this solution won’t be working when you change the port, please? Don’t guess, try it, pls.

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