How to get "count" legend formatted correctly

I’m using Grafana v8.2.3, quite recent version.
I’m using an InfluxDB Flux data source.
I’ve setup a panel with a legend showing Min, Max and Count.
So far all fine.

Now I define a Unit, and use ‘Seconds’.
The Min and Max columns are now formatted in time units, as desired.
But the Count value is now interpreted as time, and given in 'minutes`.

That’s of course wrong, the count is always a pure number.
Is this there a way to configure this properly ?
Or is this a bug (and this post converted into an issue) ?

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @wfjm

I think this might be a bug that the squads will want to investigate. As you say, Count doesn’t really correlate with most of these units. The one exception might be currency ?

I would copy-paste this into an issue Issues · grafana/grafana · GitHub

Hallo @mattabrams

thanks for the fast answer.
I’ve opened an issue: