How to enter panel title?

How to enter panel title
Look in the image, there tiitle panel “server availa…” This is not complete, please give me solustion to show complete title panel

Hi Alvianno,

Have you tried:

  • Clicking on the panel title and then selecting edit from the context menu
  • Navigating to the general tab
  • Updating the title field and saving your dashboard

Hope this helps!

EDIT: Apologies I misunderstood your question. I think the answer @patrickoc gave below answers your question :grinning:

The panel is to small for your title. To be able to see the whole title you have to make the panel wider.

I have example its true

Same panel wide with upper example

^ What he means is, at the past (maybe about before the version 5 update), the title is like in “wrap text” mode, now it doesn’t, and now we don’t know how to change it back like before. So the question is, how to make the title looks like in wrap mode?
We want to make it looks like B, not A

Thanks in advance

ya same with me

Dear all,

title panel in grafana version 5.1.0


i can see title panel

but title panel in grafana version 5.2.1


i cant see title panel, WHY ?