How to embed panel by its name (and not id)

Hi guys,

I like to embed panels on a website. I know how to generate a link to a panel using its id, for example:

The problem is I only know the name of the switch port (= panel’s name), not its id in the other application. Is it somehow possible to have a link that embeds a panel using its name rather than its id? This, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to work:

The error shown is “Panel with id 0 not found”.

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Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @gucki

You should be able to view Panel IDs by viewing the dashboard JSON. If you click the gear icon on the chosen dashboard and then choose JSON Model, then you should be able to determine the correct panel ID.

Thank you. However, this doesn’t really help. The interfaces are automatically detected by prometheus using the smtp exporter. Garafana autogenerates the panels from the template in the JSON Model, so the panel ids are not static. I’m really surprised no one had this requirement before? :upside_down_face:

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You are not alone specially for repeating dashboards it is the same case of every changing id
it would be very interesting if there is a way to set the ID of the panel with the same display name variable automatically