How to edit Variable Values on Grafana Dashboard


I want to delete one of the variables on my Grafana Dashboard, but I can’t see them to delete it.

I need to delete srv006673.

When I go to Variable settings, this is what I see, but I’m not sure where to delete it.


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Can you please share the complete window in the screenshot while inside the Dashboard → Settings → Variables

AFAIK this variable is coming from a query which output you 2 variables srv006673 and srv005990

If your query returns multiple values and you want to keep only one (or few of them) then you can specify them inside Regex box.

E.g. this query:

import "influxdata/influxdb/v1"
    bucket: v.bucket,
    tag: "cpu",
    predicate: (r) => true,
    start: -1d

would return values: cpu-total, cpu0, cpu1, cpu2, cpu3.

If I specify in Regex box /cpu-total|cpu2/ it will return only those two values:


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maybe in that variable’s query of qlik you can exclude it at the source? Can you show us the query that produces those 2 servers?