How to edit the labels from legend

Hello guys, I would like to know if it’s possible to change the words/labels from pie chart. For example, on this pie chart


How can I change the word “value” to quantity?

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What is your data source? Not seeing the same issue

My data source it’s MySQL, but I think you didn’t get what I want. The legend has the right names, and I want to show there the values and the percentage, but by default the values have the value word behind, and I want to know if it is possible to change the value word to quantity or something.

Show us your query

My query is

SELECT quantity, p.region_name
FROM mydb.my_table g
LEFT JOIN pt_regions p ON g.region_id = p.region_id
WHERE gas_type = 'CO₂' AND YEAR = (SELECT MAX(YEAR) FROM mydb.my_table)
ORDER BY quantity desc

SELECT quantity as value, p.region_name as metric
FROM mydb.my_table g

Alias to proper column names

What I want to change, is the blue label called “Value”

And changing the query don’t change anything

Hallo, did you already found a solution to the problem? Because im facing the same problematic.

No, did you?