How to draw horizontal lines with value from a query


We use Grafana to display line charts of IoT metrics that are stored in InfluxDB. An example would be an internal oil temperature of the asset.

As you might imagine this oil temperature can reach an “alert” level and an “alarm” level. The thing is the exact levels depend on the exact type of asset that we are looking at. We currently select our assets in the dashboard using a dashboard variable.

The relevant alert / alarm levels are stored in a separate SQL table for each asset that we look at. This table would look like : asset_id | alert_level | alarm_level

We would like to display on top of our current oil temperature chart, these alert and alarm levels as horizontal lines and have them change automatically when we select a different asset (as the oil temperature line chart already does).

I had a look in the forums and did not seem to find any relevant workaround.

Thanks for your help.

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