How to display value of a variable within HTML Graphics Pannel?

I am using Grafana 10.4 with Plugin HTML Graphics
Docu: Installation | HTMLGraphics

Within the html section of the panel, I want to output the value of a variable. This does not work unfortunately. In other text panels this works like this: {{$i18n_3}}

In this panel however nothing works. I tried it with other syntax like :

{{ i18n_3 }}

but nothing worked.

How can the value of a variable be displayed?

Handlebars aren’t supported yet Support for handlerbar · Issue #124 · gapitio/gapit-htmlgraphics-panel · GitHub.
Grafana variables have to be changed manually through Javascript in onRender or onInit (onRender is preferred) with the getTemplateSrv getTemplateSrv().replace("$i18n_3") or htmlGraphics.props.replaceVariables("$i18n_3").

Examples of how to update and display the value of a variable:

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