How to update a dashboard variable from HTML plugin with javascript


I’m using the plugin together with some lines of javascript code to configure a panel. Now, I want to update a dashboard variable.

Could you provide me a javascript code snippet which updates a dashboard variable?

I’m not familiar with the plugin you linked to, but here’s how you can update a variable from within a plugin:

If I understand it correctly, the documentation describes the use case for someone who developes a plugin. My use case is that I just use an existing plugin. In the HTML plugin mentioned above, I can execute HTML and javascript code.
If I execute the Typescript import statement from the API reference mentioned above, I get following error:

html_ctrl.js:196 SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module
at Function (<anonymous>)
at HTMLCtrl.setHandleMetricFunction (html_ctrl.js:228)
at HTMLCtrl.eval (html_ctrl.js:193)
at EditSession.EventEmitter._signal (index.js:3865)
at EditSession.onChange (index.js:9805)
at Document.EventEmitter._signal (index.js:3865)
at Document.applyDelta (index.js:7955)
at Document.insertMergedLines (index.js:7853)
at Document.insert (index.js:7781)
at EditSession.insert (index.js:10322)

Gotcha! Then I’d suggest that you reach out to the maintainer of the plugin you’re using, and ask whether that is supported.