How to display entire series if any value goes above a threshold?

Hello! Currently using Grafana v8.0.5 with an InfluxDB data source.

Specifically, I have about a hundred virtual machines that I am pulling in CPU usage data for. Currently, the timeseries graphs are not useful as all 100 machines have their own lines (and it becomes cluttered). I’d like to only display the time series of machines that go over a certain threshold.

For example, if 3/100 machines go over 0.5 usage, I’d like their entire time series graph to display (not just the points where they went over 0.5). How would you recommend doing this? I’ve been able to isolate the names of each machine using a nested query:

SELECT “machinename” FROM (SELECT “machinename”,“cpu” FROM “DBsource” WHERE (“type”=“usagemetrics”) and $timeFilter AND “cpu” > 0.5 GROUP BY “machinename”

This returns a list of times and machine names where the usage value went over 0.5. My idea was to use this list and then somehow plug it back into the main data set as a filter, so that only the machines whose names are in the list are displayed. However, I can’t figure out how to do this. Any ideas? Thank you very much!