Diplaying the top N series for a specific metric

Using latest grafana OSS with influxDB 2.0. Testing influxDB as a possible replacement for our existing graphite backed setup. Having a had time trying to query the data to display in our grafana dashboards the same way we are doing with graphite. Right now we are pull the top 10 servers based on a specific metric for a window of time and then graph the series for these 10 servers.

SELECT "host" FROM (
  SELECT TOP("idle", 10), "host" FROM (
    SELECT mean("percent-idle")  AS "idle" FROM "cpu" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY "host"

The above query is giving me the top 10 servers based on the avg CPU idle value, not sure how to then expand this so that it plots the data for all these 10 servers in a timeseries graph.