How to display all information on Time Series Tooltip?

Hi, Community.

I am using Time Series for my dashboard and have some trouble in displaying sufficient information on Tooltip.
I wrote the Mongodb query like this:

{$project: {
    venue: 1, contract: 1, type: 1, symbol: 1, prompt: 1, term_structure: 1, expiry_date: {$convert: {input: "$expiry_date", to: 2}},
    timestamp: {$toDate: {$add: [{$toLong: "$__from"}, {$multiply: ["$expiry_date", {$divide: [{$subtract: [{$toLong: "$__to"}, {$toLong: "$__from"}]}, 220]}]}]}},

So each data has several fields. And I applied one Transformation to group the data.

But when I hover on the data points in dashboard, the Tooltip displays only fields in Transformation.

How can I display all the information on Tooltip?