How to delete or disable source and silence in alert telegram

hi, for now I don’t need the silence and source link, I want a simple and informative alert message, can I remove it from the alert message on telegram?

my Grafana installed version is v9.3.0

grafana alert

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@iwanmii Welcome to the Grafana forum.

Yes, you can remove those lines by editing your template, which should be found in this section:

hi @grant2 thanks for your response,
but I don’t understand, do I have to make my own template? Currently I do not have my own template

@georgerobinson Where can @iwanmii edit his Telegraf template? He apparently has no templates defined.

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thanks @grant2

hi @georgerobinson please your advice

Hi! If you don’t have any custom templates then Telegram uses the default template. The default template cannot be editied, but you can copy what you need from the default template to a custom template.

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there is an error

Hi! The name of a template should be unique, it’s not recommended to create custom templates that use the same name as templates in the default template. You also cannot write Go code in a template, just text/template.

i try like this, but no effect on message alert,
the alert message still seems to be the default

Hi @georgerobinson any suggestions? or an example of a simple and informative alert

Hi! This template is invalid because it also contains Go code. You just want the template. For example, all the text in DefaultTemplateString.

I’m looking to edit the default template, but this link appears to be dead.

Yes, the link is no longer available, it may have changed. I also don’t know which one can be used. Can you remove Source and Silence in the alert sent via Telegram?