Telegram alert notification automaticaly changed, i what return old

im try read Message templating | Grafana Labs but its not working for telegram, only for slack.

before updating grafana 8:
Screenshot from 2021-12-23 06-04-13

after updating:

please help me return old notifications in telegram, i can find information myself in internet =(

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which grafana version are you using, and are you using legacy alerting platform or the new Unified Alerting platform?

grafana 8 on grafasna cloud. Its automatic updated for newest version. I have unified alerting, with same contact points and etc. So, after changing alerting platform i get this problem

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hmmmm, you could contact Hosted Grafana and tell them your problem. Maybe they can roll you back? That said, it would only delay the migration to Unified Alerting, since that is the future :+1:

I would continue investigating and then check the grafana/grafana repo for issues about alert notifications. You are def not alone encountering issues with this transition

i tryed call support, they asking for money. For free they do not want to help, they offered to write here community.grafana

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I am sorry, but we here in the forum have no authority to intervene in Hosted Grafana.

You can run any version of Grafana OSS for free, however, on just about any platform / OS

I think this is a Unified alert issue. I have the exact same issue with Grafana OSS 8.3.2.
The alert format changed after I migrated to the unified alert. And document did not help at all.

I am using the dingtalk alert. And here is my issue How to proper template messages on Grafana 8.3 New Alert Manager - #3 by brikerman


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