[Alerts] Just upgraded from 8.4 to 10.1 and now the alerts gives no information

Hi there,
In Grafana 8.4 the alerts with teams push that we had gave us information about which customer stopped sending data, which server in influxdb had too high CPU, memory, disk etc. Now in the new Grafana 10.1 we have no such information anymore.

This is what the same exact alert looks like in the new version, and the alert on the graph when you hover over the red dotted line, doesn’t give any useful information either.

How can I make this look more like our old alerts?

@projectsolotv, I’m sorry to have to break this to you, but Alert notifications and message formatting is a totally different animal, with a steep learning curve from Grafana 9.x onward. Lots of people have lost their good messages upon upgrading to, or past v 9.x.

If you are depending on Graf for mission critical notifications, maybe you can downgrade to v 8.x, then look at upgrading much more cautiously in DEV environment, first. IDK if your notifications can be salvaged by downgrading.

I suggest you take a look at this very long thread about the issue – there are many people struggling with getting useful message formats for a lot of platforms (email, slack, Teams, etc.) That is just one thread on the topic – just search in the forums “notification” or “template”. Bottom line, there is a lot of coding just to format your messages.

There appears to be just one guy at Grafana labs who has a handle on how to format messages, and has engaged with specifics help with a lot of people – georgerobinson. That said, he is just one man. :worried: He’s doing all he can in a not-good situation.

Otherwise, you’re wading through obtuse documentation, and piecing together what you can find in the forums. I can’t sugar-coat it – Graf’s new Alerting is a monster.