How to Customize Grafana interface

HI Experts
im also trying to change the panel font size in grafana with no luck.
i have grafana * [v9.3.6 (978237e7cb) on WIn machine
i saw some comments that can be change in the scss files under public but cant find the right one
thanks for helping

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In grafana 10.3.3 how can you customize the “.AppTitle” ? in the old version at the end of the index.html there were the .js that was giving this parameters. in v10.3.3 there is not in the index.html

Have you have done any tutorial for Grafana 10.4.1?
Seems different how to reach “.AppTitle” parameters.

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my grafana background is personalized as what I want
For exemple, i add pictures or gif on the files : grafana/public/img

And i changed the file “1335.2a569010c0f8e9ab01fa.js” on the build
This a gif

Background or image in general is pretty simple to do so. You just need to replace the actual image with yours.
The problem that I was talking is from v10.3+ where you are not able to change the “AppTitle”.

Try to search for AppTitle in public\build folder. For example, for Grafana 10.3.1 it can be changed in 8378.0be0da24c8c516332bc6.js:
AppTitle in 10.3.1