Customize theme for Grafana 10 or 11

Hi guys! Is it possible to add a custom theme like dark and light on Grafana 10 or 11?
I am using docker version now, but I don’t know how to nail it, though I try to modify sass files, but it cannot work. Some guys mentioned Boom theme or Astro Theme can help, but Boom theme is a deprecated plugin and Astro indeedly cannot support modifying themes. Can somebody provide an effective way to add or modify themes on docker environment or regular development environment? Thanks so much.

Hey @flyliu33

Well I’m quite sure that you can directly modify the json model. But this is no durable solution…

Hi, do you mean the dashboard json model? It seems to be some settings for plugins, datasource, or other components, but styles of current pages or dashboard. For my case, I want to change the size of some specific fonts, the color or image of the back whole dashboard background or background of specific plugins. Can you give me a simple example how to address it in json model? Thanks so much.

You may try to modify content of the following css files in public/build folder (XXXXX and YYYYY depend from Grafana version):