Custom Themes / Styles - The Final Frontier?

Hi folks,

So I’ve been searching for a plugin or easy way to change CSS styles on a standard Grafana dashboard for a while. Apparently, people have been asking how to do this for years, and @torkel basically answered with “sorry, not possible.”

There might be substantial technical issues with changing fonts (spacing, etc.), I have no idea. But there are plugins that do in fact change themes in a limited way - like Astro.

Here’s a practical example - maybe I’d like to change the font and color of rows to make divisions in my dashboard more visible or prominent. This wouldn’t affect the drawing of panels in any way, really. But there’s no easy way to do this other than editing CSS. I’m not a web developer, and who knows if it’ll get overwritten by a future update.

So can I recommend a major new feature of some kind of styles customization, or can anyone recommend a plugin that makes this easy? I appreciate your help!



You can try the boom theme panel:

This lets you add custom css to style the objects, and because it is in a dashboard panel, unless the css class names change between releases, it should survive an upgrade too.

In v10, this can be done without a plugin, straight from a text panel: How do you change the background colour in Grafana? - Stack Overflow