Customize grafana dashboard according to my need

My manager wants me to customize the dashboard. He wants me to make one landing page when a user log in to a grafana, and in that dashboard there should be buttons that will redirect to a particular dashboard.
I’ve created buttons using panels from the dashboard but I want to customize everything from colors to the whole look of the dashboard which I cannot do using panels.
How can I customize it? Is it possible? And which code should I change?

Following is the example of dashboard I have made so far and it is working fine but i want to change icons, colors, and look of the dahsboard and make more presentable

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You can set disable_sanitize_html = true and then use text panel, where you can set own custom html/css.
Serious solution will be development of own plugin/panel, which will fit your needs.

I’ve already done that but I want to make dashboard look more realistic so, which code can customize?

Hello @dengveyvey,

You could try and edit some core files, but that would require maintenance every time a new update/version is released which might not work the same with your alterations as the older version did.

Another option would be to use this plugin which lets you customize the whole look of the dashboard using pure css: Boom Theme plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

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Please, ser my mod tips with a Text/HTML panel:

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Thankyou for the solution. It worked