How to customize login page "Welcome to Grafana"

Hello grafana community,

my problem is to customize the login page. I customize the favicon and my brand but i would like to customize the “Welcome to Grafana” and i found nothing about this.

I have installed the 10.0.3 version of grafana.

Did anyone have a good instruction?

We have a blog and YouTube tutorial on how to update those.

Dockerfile with commands:

Hey mikhailvolkov,

thank you for your message. I don’t use docker and i renamed all ‘Welcome to Grafana’ of the whole grafana. I deleted all cookies but i have the same screen.

Maybe I missed something.

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@kfkreloadet It’s javascript files, which may be cached in the browser.

  1. Try to force reload the page in the Browser with the shift key.
  2. Verify in the Private Session.
  3. Open Inspect → Network with Disable cache checked and reload the page.
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Thank you - this was the Problem - i did this more than 3 times b4 but now it works - great job