How to create dynamic dashboard?

I try to create a dashboard with dynamically changing data.
So, if a user chooses a host, next he should choose measurement. At this time on the dashboard should show all data with any tags. After choosing measurement he should choose tag if he wants to see one tag or multiple tags. But the main problem is that I have a lot of data (graphs) in every measurement and in every measurement are different tags. So how do I solve this?
I use InfluxDB

Could you be more specific?

  1. You have a Dashboard with template.
  2. You have multiple servers per this Dashboard.
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Of course.

  1. I have a Dashboard without template, only with two variables
  2. Yes, and I need to show them separately on the Dashboard
  3. And I need to show different measurements on this Dashboard and group them by their tags

Here is the scheme of what I try to create:

After user login, he sees an empty dashboard.
Than user chooses a host and also sees an empty dashboard.

After choosing a measurement user can see a lot of graphs which he can separate by tag


I’m not sure if this is what do you look for your case but what I can say is that if you don’t have template in the Dashboard will not look friendly.
My implementation for multiple Servers with multiple Metrics looks like below.

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As I wrote in answer 3, I need to create something like in my scheme

Below some examples without “Template” using all Servers on host field =~ “/.*/”.

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Can we discuss it somewhere in Skype, for example?

Dear Sir,
I like your dashboard for multiple servers monitoring, but you did not mentioned what is the name of this dashboard in order to download it from;

Dear Roger,

I’ll upload on those 3 Dashboards in order to help others in maximum 1 week (user: fchiorascu).
I have only one topic to finalize there and this is all, I hope that will help other people.

  • 1 dashboard for System metrics using: Grafana + InfluxDB + Telegraf
  • 1 dashboard for Zimbra Collaboration solution using: Grafana + InfluxDB + Telegraf
  • 1 dashboard for InfluxDB internal metrics.
  • 1 dashboard for Elasticsearch using: Grafana + InfluxDB + Telegraf

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Hello Florian, Thank you for your support;

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I am also interested in dynamic dashboard

can you please help with the links from where i can get this template?

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Sorry for the late response.
Yes I can provide you next week.
:slight_smile: I was creating from 0.