Creating template variables with flux


Can anyone provide me with a little guidance on how to create template variables using a flux source? I am running Grafana 7.3 and Influx 2.0.


You have to create your own variable in dashboard’s settings. You probably struggle with influxdb 2, you have one way to request tags:

import "influxdata/influxdb/schema"

  bucket: "bucketName",
  tag: "tagName"

Others ways return only one row.

If you are used to influx 1 I advice to stay on it and get ride of influxdb for long term.

Best regards

Unfortunately I upgraded Influx to 2.03 OSS which doesn’t play nicely with Grafana right now. I was able to get it to work eventually with a query. The problem was I had to combine my measurement and field filters for it to work for some reason.