Creating and relating variables from tags from influxdb measurement on Grafana 10


I am creating filter variables from influxdb 2.7.4 with below code.

import "influxdata/influxdb/schema"
    bucket: "Vbuck",
    tag: "Service_Name"

But i need to create variables depend on other variables.
For example : I have Service_Name, Owner_Group, Group_Manager tags.
I have GroupManager and OwnerGroup variable.

So i was creating Service_Name variable with below query in influxdb 1.8 :

SHOW TAG VALUES FROM "SELECTBOX_VALUES" WITH KEY = "Service_Name" where "Group_Manager"=~ /^$GroupManager$/ and "Owner_Group"=~ /^$OwnerGroup$/

Now how can i do same in v2.7.4?
I should relate variables with eachother.
So that when owner group is choose the groupmanagers will be listed just for this ownergroup and service names will be listed for just choosen owner group and choosen manager.