How to create a histogram of two queries with scales


I was trying to use histograms and heatmaps to create a chart that has 2 entry values. I am interested in monitoring the latency and the throughput of my systems. My system exchanges data to Prometheus (but I am not sure if the Prometheus tag fits to this purpose, it is a general case) and I am already monitoring both values in different queries. However, I am monitoring over time, as it was expected for a time series monitor.

If I use histograms I can have a better visualization of one query because it shows where (which) the values are more popular.

But when I try to add the second query Grafana merges the values of both queries and I lose all the semantics of my results. I am not going to show the screenshot here because it does not add anything. It just messed up my values.

In the end, I would like to show a chart that is something like this one below. I know that this is not a time series chart. However, I am wondering if I could show something similar using histograms.

thanks! Felipe