How to count metrics based to label values

Is there a way in grafana to create a dashboard that will show I have x number of resource created 1 month ago, y number of resources 2 months ago, z number of resources this month etc?

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

Using the following prom query

sum by(tag_env_creation, resourcename) (azurerm_resource_info{ provider=~"managedclusters", tag_env_creation!=""})

Under query options, I have set Format to Table, and Type to Instant.
Next, I have used Transform → “Convert field type” and convert tag_env_creation filed as “Time”

I can output the result in a grafana table and using Override “Field with name → Standard options > unit → From now”, I have in the table, each raw have the resource name and when it was created (4 months ago, 3 months ago,2 months ago).

I cannot figure out how to extract in a dashboard how many resources are created 4 months ago,3 months etc…

Any help would be appreciated.