Grafana displays Prometheus metric with epoch time


I have a gauge Prometheus metric that consists of some labels and the value is epoch time when the event occur

The metric is like this for example for Pull Requests created date

azure_devops_pullrequest_status{instance=“host.docker.internal:9999”, job=“azure_devops_node”, projectID=“083eadf1-f5a1-45d9b7a03”, pullrequestID=“3448”, repositoryID=“4071ba”, status=“completed”, type=“created”} 1588869907

of this for completed Pull Request

azure_devops_pullrequest_status{instance=“host.docker.internal:9999”, job=“azure_devops_node”, projectID=“083eadf1-f-8e9b109b7a03”, pullrequestID=“3448”, repositoryID=“4071bae3-b3f1-b1f2e12ddf10”, status=“completed”, type=“closed”} 1588946178

I would like to create a graph made of bars that show when the metrics occur using its value

Something like this


Is this feasable in Grafana?
If yes what is the best approach?

Thanks for the help


@albertomorando have you tried using the time-series visualization and then setting the style in the panel editor to bars? If you did that and then added two promql queries, one for opened time and another for closed time, then I think you’d be pretty close to that graph…

Check out for inspiration and help:

Hi @mattabrams

Thanks for your reply and help

I have tried as you said to set the time-series panel type and bars
This is the result

As you can see the issue is that all the metrics values are on the y-axis but I should have them on the X-axis to be able to get the something like this

Do you know how I can swap the Y-axis with the X-axis?

Or do I need to create a new metrics in the exporter (we have control over the Prometheus exporter)?

Please let me know if you have any suggestion