How to connect Grafana with a Google Cloud MySQL?


New to Grafana here and I want to connect it with a MySQL. The db is a Google Cloud MySQL.

I have tried all variations of values in the native connector (In the Grafana GUI) and I always get connection refused. I believe the issue is with the connection configuration on Google Cloud.

I have searched all over for how to accomplish this without success. I’m not experienced with databases, docker and grafana so I lack the high level overview.

Can anyone advise me on how to configure the connection? Do I use SSL, CA’s, public or private IP?

Thank you!

@havmuggerud can you clarify which version of Grafana you’re using and which Grafana data source you’re trying to connect with (Google Cloud Monitoring or MySQL)?

Hi @samcoren!

I’m on Grafana v7.1.5 and I’m trying to connect with MySQL.

I am trying to do the same thing… did you get it working?

I am using Grafana cloud service, trying to get data out of a google cloud mysql database. I cant seem to find a guide. The database has a public IP which allows me to write into from my home network, but I cant find a guide on how to integrate Grafana to Google.